Sainte-Suzanne, Aquitaine, France

"In 1860 the Ohio State Medical Society concurred with Biblical scholars that 'the gall and vinegar or myrrhed wine offered to our saviour immediately before his crucifixion was a preparation of Indian hemp."
~ Chris Bennet - Green Gold

At Exodus 30:22-25, God gives the recipe to Moses for holy anointing oil. One of the key ingredients of this oil is cannabis hemp. The Hebrew word Keneh-bosem is mistranslated as sweet calamus, aromatic cane or sweet cane. The story goes that King James intentionally mistranslated Keneh-bosem into Calamus after his wife was caught in an affair Canaan was named for Cannabis.  Evidently, the bible translators are trying to hide the fact that this is marijuana. Cannabis Hemp is one of the many blessings that God gave to man as stated at Genesis 1:11 and Genesis 1:29, and we are commanded to appreciate and to use all of God's creations as long as it is received with thanks, as stated at 1 Timothy 4:4.

"If cannabis was one of the main ingredients of the ancient Christian anointing oil, as history indicates, and receiving this oil is what made Jesus the Christ and his followers Christians, then persecuting those who use cannabis could be considered anti-Christ.The holy anointing oil, as described in the original Hebrew version of the recipe in Exodus, contained over six pounds of keneh-bosum - a substance identified by respected etymology, linguists, anthropologists, botanists and other researchers as cannabis extracted into about six quarts of olive oil along with a variety of other fragrant herbs.  The ancient annointed ones were literally drenched in this potent mixture."- Chris Bennet

This oil was smeared or sprinkled on everything holy such as the priest, the tent post and everything that was put on the altar as a burnt offering. Whenever it was burned, as the smoke ascended into heaven, thus; the prayers of those seeking atonement for their sins became a restful odor to God as stated at Exodus 29:18.

The 7th and 15th Chapters of Numbers will explain all of this very clearly. Also at Revelations 5:8 and Revelations 8:3, it backs this fact up about the smoke carrying your prayers to heaven. When God spoke to the holy ones throughout the Old Testament, he always spoke through a cloud of smoke.

At Isaiah 10:27, it shows that the devils control can be broken with the holy anointing oil. Even Jesus returns in a cloud of smoke, because at Luke 21:27, it states that Jesus is coming in a cloud with power and glory.

In the New Testament, this same oil was used to anoint Jesus before his crucifiction at Matthew 26:7-12, Mark 14:3-9, Luke 7:37-38, Mark 7:46, John 11:2 and John 12:3-5 shows that Jesus was covered with it from head to toe.

This same oil was used by the Disciples to heal the sick and to cast out demons at James 5:14, Mark 6:13 and Luke 10:34.

At Revelations 22:2, it states that the leaves from the Tree of Life will cure the nations. This is the same tree that is talked about in Genesis 3:22; that if you partake of this tree, that the devils control will be lifted from you and can lead you in the direction of everlasting life.

Furthermore; the word Christ means the anointed one and the word Christians means those who are anointed with holy anointing oil. How could a person possibly call themselves a Christian if they reject the holy anointing oil?  With this revelation, the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Nag Hammadi Library, certain Apocrypha, and a closer examination of our Bible we discover that in order to be called worthy of the title "Christian" we must also be anointed with the cannabis oil. John's baptism of water is incomplete. Jesus came to baptize with Fire and the Holy Spirit and free the Holy oil, making Priests of all those with ears to hear the Good news. Unfortunately the faith was watered down over time and the True followers of "The Way," persecuted and killed. The word antichrist simply means; opposed to or against anointed!

In the Old Testament, whenever someone wanted atonement for their sins, they went into the tent of meeting and/or the temple; they burned incense so that their prayers would be carried to God. In the New Testament, the Bible states that the Temple of God lives in you. How could you possibly fill the temple of God with this restful odor unless you are inhaling the holy smoke?

by Barbara Villard